Micro to Macro: Accelerating Disclosure


Today I share an excerpt from Sandra Walter’s article titled Micro to Macro: Assisting the Acceleration. As we are a collective consciousness, the choices made on the individual/micro level to bring more truth and clarity into our lives and relationships have a direct energetic effect on the collective capacity to accelerate the process of the necessary disclosures and re-evaluations which are required to infuse global systems with increased levels of light. How might we introduce greater transparency in our individual lives in order to catalyse a dynamic of integrity on a global level?

Timeline acceleration includes an acceleration of disclosure and re-evaluation of monetary systems. It is quite foolish to wait for dark team players to reveal anything. The participation of grounded teams with the higher realms in creating new systems which serve all of Humanity will provide a best-case-scenario for disclosure. The levels of forgiveness, compassion, and divine neutrality upon this planet compliment our progress. We need to have critical mass which agrees with disclosure on all levels; micro and macro.

Most of us understand that a radical change in monetary systems and the re-evaluation of currencies upon this planet – especially in the US – will be a challenging passage. The higher realms appeal to those who carry the New Light of service and clarity: Please assist the progress of disclosure by applying the micro-to-macro dynamics. Think global, act local. Remember this isn’t confession energy (not good or bad), it is simply speaking your truth with transparency.

Some prompts for personal disclosure: What can you disclose in your own lifestream?
What secrets do you still keep hidden from others? Is there a last hand waiting to be revealed from you?
Can you express your fears?
What can you share openly to reveal your true self to those around you?
Can you be transparent with your personal ideas about money, government, ETs, or personal issues, or do certain areas of your life stay hidden because they would cause injury or embarrassment? Why would you expect others to do that, if you cannot?

The energy of personal revelation is needed to trigger disclosure. Start a trend, employ this energy flow. This is not about forgiving others, it is about accelerating the momentum of disclosure. Share openly, honestly, with integrity, love and in service to all. It energetically supports those in roles of leadership – government, finance, corporations – who have the challenging task of disclosure at hand. Even one small revelation of truth to a friend can support this energy. That’s you revealing you to another person; acting as the microcosm of large organizations coming forward and revealing the truth.

Face the fear of disclosure in your own life stream in order to support a quickening of those dynamics on a planetary level. Everyone is involved in disclosure; it is not us versus them. Disclosure and re-evaluation have been delayed by the collective decision to hide secrets, tell half-truths to one another, or contract/hoard/feel lack when financial issues present.

Those of us working alongside the higher realms understand that we are creating the most complimentary Shift for everyone. We understand that the idea of change is still very scary to most of the population. Change this energy. Shift the collective consciousness to revelation, disclosure, and re-evaluation of systems, by actively choosing to reveal your own truth, personal truths, engaging in acts of forgiveness and personal clemency.

* See the full article here.