Academia, Ascension & Consciousness: Interview with Tara Nikita

tara nikita

In your work on ascension and global policy issues, you sift out three aspects that you think humanity, as a collective, needs to come to terms with – three aspects that need to be defined clearly. What are they? 

I have sifted out three key aspects applicable to major global policy areas. And by global policy areas I mean things such as finance/economics/banking, environment etcetera.

The “Technical” – codes, practices, the “on the face of it facts” pertaining to a policy area, the assumed reality. E.g. economistic understandings of the global monetary system in which terms such as “debt” “credit” “risk” “currency” are understood as reality.

The second area is what I’m loosely calling the “Critique of the Technical”– critical academia and critical politics, for example, “Occupy Wall Street” – assumption challenging. What I’m calling critical academia assesses global power structures and provides perspectives, critical perspectives, that are especially directed at various facets of capitalism and neoliberalism. We should note that critical academia still takes the reality of “the technical” as its starting point, but that it is directed to confronting its social legitimacy.

The third thing that needs attention is a New/Updated Cosmology – recognizing the illusion of “The Technical”. When I say the “illusion” of the technical I mean that “the technical” is one type of created reality, meaning that it only has an apparent empirical fixedness.  Debt, credit, currency, are what we have collectively agreed in this version of reality. In this new and updated cosmology there is the recognition of the limits of the “Critique of the Technical” (that which critical academia offers) without introducing to it an updated cosmology which sees reality fundamentally within the terms of energy and consciousness, which sees reality multidimensionally. This leaves the Cartesian/Newtonian physics behind, moving into a Quantum understanding. We really do not appreciate how much Cartesian/Newtonian understandings have informed all aspects of life. A Cartesian/Newtonian cosmology has infiltrated our understanding of ourselves, and filters down into every critical global issue – politics, economics/finance and others.

This Cartesian Newtonian cosmology says that mind and matter are two entirely separate realms of existence – there is the outer physical world of the observable, and the inner mental world of thought. According to the Newtonian physics model, all things were considered solid. We now know that things are not really solid because we understand the subatomic layer of things – we know things are made up of electrons, protons, neurons, — things that make up atoms, which are the building blocks of the physical 3rd dimensional world. In the Newtonian paradigm, energy could be explained as a force to move objects or to change the physical state of matter. But Einstein opened us up to the quantum understanding, to quantum physics, which realizes that energy is much more than an outside force exerted on material things. Energy is the very fabric of all things material and is responsive to mind, responsive to thought. This quantum understanding is therefore not confined to quantum ‘physics’ as a separate scientific study, but becomes the fundamental way we can understand all reality.

Since we need an updated cosmology, how can we update ‘criticality’? How can we ‘update’ the way in which we challenge assumptions?

In this new cycle of humanity’s evolution, ‘criticality’ must be grounded within an understanding of the role of energy and consciousness. What has happened is that ‘conventional academia’, and ‘critical academia’ – in its own ways, have been detached from expanded awareness, and sort of locked away in the left side of the brain. There has been the locking down of perception in a Cartesian/Newtonian paradigm. There has been a sort of hemispheric brain imbalance, so there is the need for a synthesized, integrative, balanced use of both hemispheres as a pathway to expanded awareness and perception.

Academia, for all its criticality and ability to assess global power structures and provide ‘alternative critical perspectives’, especially those directed at the global capitalism, has its limits because it is still overwhelmingly in a certain perceptual paradigm. So yes, there are slight perceptual openings here and there in relation to power, who ‘has’ power, who does not, how the social architecture of power operates. But these are only slight perceptual openings in the scheme of things. 

This reminds me of what the Pleiadians have said: “oh you have little heart chakra openings here and there, but full openings are yet to really come and the heart space is still yet to become the dominant place from which humans relate to the world.”

What I am getting at is the shift in vibration, in frequency, the opening up of the DNA doorways in the ascension context to perceive reality in “MULTI-D”- opening up to a multidimensional quantum understanding, where being ‘critical’ or challenging assumptions as a function of human intelligence becomes rooted in understandings of vibration, frequency and consciousness.

It becomes rooted in directing of one’s consciousness. So you begin to understand global power architecture and 3rd dimensional systems as the external manifestation of intelligence fields. And thus, ‘solving’ problems must begin at the level of the problem, which is always energetic in root. I won’t delve into the specifics of why we have not been able to perceive the MULTI-D architecture of our problems – that would be a whole other topic. Let’s just say that the human DNA has not been able to see its full potential in terms of our perception, the opening of perceptual gateways. But there is a shift occurring now in energetic frequency patterns held in dimensional space, and when these frequency patterns are absorbed and activated into the layers of the planetary and human bio-energetic fields, these patterns activate the planetary and human DNA template instruction set. This is the Ascension process.

 We need that opening of perceptual gateways to see what’s really going on – this is a DNA activation. We need that opening of the perceptual gateways to really understand how we have gotten where we are as a species – we need the MULTI-D picture of that. We need to understand why we have accepted a monetary system that we would much rather not have, why we have compliant adults who unquestioningly give their power over to governments and corporations. We need the MULTI-D picture of that – which will take us into areas that we have not collectively explored, but which can only be explored with the opening of the DNA doorways and the opening of consciousness. We need the MULTI-D picture of interdimensional, galactic relationships, our human heritage. We need to understand from a quantum perspective the distortion of the intelligence fields at the waveform level which is the informational blueprint that forms the ‘particle’/3D holographic systems we know in this dimension of reality, such as economics.

What does ‘criticality’ rooted in directing our consciousness look like?

First, we come out of Newtonian and Cartesian paradigms which say that reality operates on mechanistic principles, and that human thought has no influence on outcomes. You can see how this sets up a victim mentality, and precludes the idea that we create our own reality. So one level of ‘resistance’, of ‘criticality’, is to stop energetically investing in outdated paradigms that do not serve an uplifted humanity. You direct your consciousness.

You say “I understand I am a multidimensional being, I understand that reality is quantum, and I am not available, at the level of my consciousness for obsolete, outmoded, fear-based systems. I understand that there are many timelines, that there are many probable timelines and parallel realities, and I direct my consciousness to shift my frequency into the line of time and to the reality I prefer. This is physics. I stop energetically investing in things that do not serve myself or humanity. I create my own reality.”

“And through physics, I move into a reality which meets my vibration/frequency.” That is how we create the New Earth. By rerouting consciousness. By rerouting energy. This is not an intellectual process, in the way that we have come to understand “intellectual” in the academic context. And I am not saying there isn’t a role for academia, but that it must be updated.

What has happened is that humanity has been prevented from creatively imagining, from shifting vibration and frequency into a reality of peace, joy and freedom. We have been in denial about how manipulated we have been to accept certain versions of reality, very impoverished ones, and all our major systems reflect that. I speak about academia because academia, to the extent that it is invested in intellectual thought, has had the responsibility of reflecting on the facets of our human experience – cultural forms, political and economic systems. It’s not that it has ‘failed’; but it has to get up to speed with the reality of consciousness. Our ‘intellectual thought’ has to catch up to the fact that the ways in which we have been collectively coerced are the direct reflections of the extent to which we have abdicated our inner spiritual responsibility as multidimensional creators of our own experience.

Neuroscience is an example of a discipline which is moving into a much more quantum understanding. In certain circles. That is one discipline that is bringing in the pathways to a greater MULTI-D understanding of reality. There are many people now developing bodies of work which go far beyond the dictates of ‘conventional academia’ in terms of the way in which their bodies of work have incorporated consciousness, or rather, proceed from the premise of quantum reality. These people are quite academically accomplished. But they have gone beyond. I can think of two really great examples: Joe Dispenza and Tom Kenyon.

You talk about the ‘critical academic theory’ of “Biocentricism” and its relationship to DNA and consciousness. You say that Biocentricism reflects one level of understanding about our reality. Explain to us in detail what you mean. 

I owe a lot my understandings of DNA’s relationship with ascension to Lisa Renee. Mitochondrial DNA is the DNA located in mitochondria, structures within the cells that convert chemical energy from food into a form that cells can use, ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP measures the light quotient held by the cells and tissues of the body and is thus directly related to the embodiment of spiritual consciousness. What has happened is that the species has not had a correctly functioning mitochondrial DNA.  This means that we have not been able to most effectively generate new proteins for DNA synthesis, nor store the levels of ATP to generate light from the cell to embody our spiritual consciousness.

In the ascension cycle, what has been happening is that organic, fully functioning (quantum) DNA codes are being restored to the planetary body and to humanity, the DNA codes are being repaired. We have not known collectively as a species that our Mitochondrial DNA has been dysfunctional, in terms of the reduction of our ability to embody our spiritual consciousness. And it has not been understood that this dysfunctional DNA is directly related to how we have treated the planetary body, the Earth. Through a dysfunctional Mitochondrial DNA, humanity has been addicted to consuming everything in the external world to fill this energy void within our cells. We can see how this dysfunctional DNA plays out in a perceived closed energy system where individuals and groups harvest the energy of others for their own needs in a parasitic way, so we’re always obtaining energy from outside. The distortions at the DNA level filter down to our global 3D systems such as banking and finance, slavery and colonialism, global capitalism – all of which fundamentally embody parasitic energy relationships. This is an energy architecture, an actually existing energy architecture. This is not a metaphor. Capitalism’s idea that certain humans can own the earth for the purpose of exploiting the earth for profit, just as it believed that capitalists could own other human beings, is directly related to dysfunctional DNA and distorted intelligence fields.

In DNA, the nitrogenous base is made up of four nucleic acids: cytosine, guanine, adenine, and thymine. Metaphysically, each of these nucleic acids is connected to the elemental substance of the planet as Air, Water, Fire and Earth. When we pollute these four elements on the Earth, there is an inner pollution: we pollute the corresponding nucleic acid in our DNA. So we are connected to the body of the Earth in ways we don’t think of on a day to day basis. Our biology and consciousness are deeply tied to the Earth as itself a living consciousness. The level at which we are vibrating, i.e. our frequency, is directly related to the capacity to embody our spiritual/multidimensional light, which is a DNA function, and this in turn is directly related to the condition of the Earth.

If we were able to embody our spiritual consciousness light through proper DNA function, we would not treat the Earth in a certain way because we would understand that we would be polluting ourselves. Restored DNA would open the gates of our spiritual consciousness and we would perceive the relationship between our inner state and the external state of the world.

We would perceive that we are tied to the physical elements of the Earth.

Critical academia says “we need a theory of revolutionary ecology that will encompass social and biological issues, class struggle, and a recognition of the role of global corporate capitalism in the oppression of peoples and the destruction of nature.” And there’s been lots of work done on this.

I would say that we need to understand class struggle, the role of global corporate capitalism, the oppression of peoples and the destruction of nature in the context of consciousness, as symptomatic of distorted intelligence fields. They are all symptomatic of an energetic architecture. They are holographic representations of an inorganic/distorted energy architecture, and related to this energy architecture’s effect on our bio-energetic fields, our DNA.

Judi Bari said that “modern [industrial] society robs us of community with each other and community with the Earth. This creates a great longing inside us, which we are taught to fill with consumer goods. But consumer goods, beyond those needed for basic comfort and survival and not really what we crave. So our appetite is insatiable, and we turn to more and more efficient and dehumanizing methods of production to make more and more goods that do not satisfy us.”

This is one level of perspective. Another level of perspective does not make modern society so causative, but instead reflective of an energetic architecture and its corresponding DNA/bio-energetic functions. We have to look to the MULTI-D, the waveform level, to see these energetic blueprints and how they have come about in human reality. This will take us to other aspects of ourselves as a species and needs to encompass our interdimensional and intergalactic connections and heritage which take us to histories of the Earth along the lines of time. This is a critical aspect of the ascension process. As the DNA doorways open through the shift in energetic frequency patterns held in dimensional space, we are able to perceive from a multi-layered, multidimensional perspective, the energetic causes of our problems, and make adjustments at the level of frequency to create the realities we want. So we need an updated cosmology.

And since people in critical academia are already invested in questioning the legitimacy of global power structures, the call is really to go one step further. To step out of Cartesian/Newtonian paradigms and enter the Quantum field of expanded perception to really be of service to humanity with knowledge of a different order.


Biodynamic Farming: Loving the Land with Conscious Intention


“The golden age won’t be stained glass and high–rise buildings; it will be a return to conscious living, a return to nature, a return of nature…”

Full Moon in Aquarius: A reminder

The full moon of August 11 served as a subtle signal of the continual fruition of Aquarian reforms, the continued ‘fruition’ of the subtle life force energy expanding our collective consciousness, the fruition of an upgraded humankind. As subtle as the expansion of the waxing moon day to day, so are the incremental upgrades to our collective consciousness through the flow of this life force energy – so subtle that they can easily be missed, as amplified states of world chaos – the Negative Agenda’s attempt to steer us toward a certain timeline – have our attention. The Pleaidians urge us to see the ‘silver lining’ of these things – to see, within the chaos, the emergence of novel solutions. All has purpose; the amplified last ditch attempts of Archontic forces to usurp human consciousness become the catalyst for inventive and clever solutions. These solutions are not at all complex or grand. They embody a return to the simplicity of being, a return to conscious living.

Clever solutions – Biodynamic Farming as Conscious Living

What has now become ‘conventional’ chemical agriculture is the destruction of the genetic base of our food supply – a diabolical distortion in the energetic fields of the crops which results in a corresponding distortion in our bodies when consumed. In India, the so-called “green revolution” (even the inversion inherent in the term cynically reflects the level of distortion) has heralded the use of chemical farming to increase crop yields. While India saw increased crop yields as a result of chemical agriculture, the genetic ‘quick fix’ (in response to a contrived problem) resulted in the deterioration of soil chemistry, and thus the weakening of the soil and its crops. Unable to withstand the depression of their livelihoods, many Indian farmers have committed suicide. Chemical farming demands expensive and escalating inputs; for many farmers the promised benefits of Monsanto-supplied seeds have not materialized, and their families have fallen into the type of poverty to which international aid – often in the form of the very grains and legumes Indian farmers once grew so successfully without distorted, hybridized, genetically altered seed – is presented to alleviate their problems.

Notwithstanding this, Indian farmers have shown tremendous fortitude, and have become Wayshowers to the collective for what is known as ‘biodynamic farming.’ Biodynamic farming encompasses a series of agricultural techniques steeped in ancient practices which recognize the land as a living consciousness and which foster communication and cooperation between various farmers working toward an integrated, holistic model of mutual prosperity. Preparations are made from fermented manure, minerals, and herbs which “restore and harmonize the vital life forces [of the farm] and enhance the nutrition, quality and flavour of the food being raised.”* Biodynamic farming fundamentally involves conscious loving intention toward the land and general human-land consciousness interface. The flow of energy is reversed; conscious loving frequency is put into the land in a cycle of mutual exchange with it, as opposed to the solely extractive energetics involved in chemical farming which depletes the land in the pursuit of ever more yields.

While chemical farming has instated the model of one farm with massive yields, in India, biodynamic farming constitutes a matrix of small interlocking farms. While to the Western world, India is an underdeveloped country in which small family farms dominate the rural sector, the type of sustainable agriculture (actually sustainable, and not the inverted rhetoric of the Negative Agenda) biodynamic farming brings into being that is free from control by corporations is the key to a harmonious society, and there is nothing ‘underdeveloped’ about this conscious approach to farmland.

What the Insects Are Saying

When there is balance in the soil, there is no insect attack. With chemical farming, insecticides must be used. This is because of the initial imbalance of the soil containing the genetically altered seed and other chemical products. Farmers must use insecticides because the soil is not balanced, which in turn, is the direct result of the use of chemicals in the first place – a vicious cycle. The insects thus communicate, they have a message: “your soil is not in balance.” When soil is in balance, insects are not interested. Insects signal the frequency of the soil; disharmony in the soil attracts the action of certain insects.

Foods are vibrational fields

Conscious biodynamic farming produces foods which lift the vibration of the collective as it is consumed. Food is a holographic form of an underlying waveform state. Food that is in energetic balance and harmony and produced lovingly naturally brings this state of energetic balance into the body, and raises consciousness, promoting loving interpersonal exchange. Food therefore has enormous implications for the collective consciousness fields. The corporate mass production of nutritionally deficient ‘dead’ food devoid of harmonious energy and the removal of exchange between growers and consumers are methods of undermining human consciousness. The return to conscious farming, to loving the land through biodynamic practices does not require great degrees of intellectual investment, it is a return to the solution of practical intuitive simplicity.

*Biodynamic Association

Ascension Overview


Excerpt from Energetic Synthesis:

Ascension is about the bringing of layers of light, the force existing within the levels of our spiritual bodies (our Multidimensional God Selves), by descending these layers into matter and anchoring them into the physical plane of reality. Simultaneously, Ascension is a shift in energetic frequency patterns held in a dimensional space which, when absorbed and activated into the layers of the planetary and human bio-energetic field, activates their DNA template instruction set. This catalyzes a chain of events that creates a complete transformation and transmutation of various patterns and programs held in the energetic templates of the Human Soul’s journey within a cycle of evolutionary time.

The Ascension process is about moving the consciousness from one reality to another and the awareness of possible multiple realities existing simultaneously. Since a “reality” is a dimension, what we are undertaking is, in essence, a complete dimensional shift. A dimensional reality is held in place by a complex layer of coded energetic grids to create the illusion of time and space for the consciousness to perceive and to participate in its own experience within the broadband widths of that particular range of frequency. As the dimensional grids shift their frequency and its magnetic attributes change, all things existing within that “broadband” reality will also shift and change in a myriad of ways. The “natural” laws governing that time and space as we know them will change. This also means the perception of our spatial awareness, our relationship to time and space will also change rather dramatically.

Thus, to go through this shift one must prepare and adjust one’s way of thinking and being to that which is in alignment with the soul purpose and true divine essence. “Surrender” and “Acceptance” are two main characteristics we will need to allow to permeate through us to facilitate an easier time. In order to shift the old behaviours and thought patterns not serving the soul purpose, we will become aware of the beliefs and behaviours that exist as imbalances within us and we must take the appropriate steps to integrate or clear them. This process will bring our deepest fears, beliefs of limitation and old pain patterns to the surface through events that trigger them into our awareness so that we can consciously acknowledge, resolve and heal them. Some of these issues are ancestral or inherited in their nature and may feel rather odd yet familiar when they are brought to your awareness. It is important to remember that we are not only clearing our own individual “mind” grid, but also the karmic mind and collective (un)consciousness on this planet from the last evolutionary cycle. This way you can re-frame the circumstance in your mind to be that which is impersonal and detached from identifying with the specific issue that has risen to the surface to be cleared within your bodies. Appreciate and acknowledge your light being for accepting the assignment for this clearing rather than claiming it as belonging to “you”. By doing this repeatedly, we clear our emotional and energy bodies of the long held traumas, beliefs and fears that have impeded our ability to experience our true “being” and bring more joy into our lives. Once the emotional body is resolved and cleared of an old pain or trauma, the physical body then is enabled to clear its equivalent of that block.

All of this happens simultaneously within all of the layers of the bio-energetic field when each healing is cleared. In effect, it is a full clearing and release of these painful events held as patterns in the bodies from the soul’s record and cellular memory.

Also, as these painful patterns are removed from the soul record, the clearing recodes our DNA so it can hold more light, thus sustaining our new frequency and a state of increasing higher consciousness and multidimensionality. As we hold this greater light and advanced genetic package in our bio-energetic field, it enables others, through the principle of resonance, to vibrate at the increased frequency rate and activate their own inner potential and divine inheritance towards Ascension.


Energy Exercise

energy exercise1        energy exercise2

Recommended for the start of the day:

Visualize, feel, sense a pillar of light – call it in to you from the highest source of light you can receive and intend to connect, through this pillar of light, to an Organic Divine Blueprint for Humanity. Visualize and sense it moving  – perhaps from the skies, perhaps even from the galactic core – through the roof of your house, or whatever building you happen to find yourself in. Allow it to penetrate through your crown, feel the tingling here on the top of your head, and send it through your body down toward your feet. Intend that every cell in your body receive this light. As you receive and direct the light into your body, breathe steadily.

As the light touches your feet, intend to send this light down, down through the layers of the building you may be standing in, down through the layers of the land, to the core of the Earth. As you send the light down from the soles of your feet, perhaps you splice it and create a twisted cord penetrating deep into the Earth core with an anchor at the end. As your cord anchors into the Earth core, this is your signal to the Earth that you work with her for your mutual benefit and evolution. Say to the Earth that you are connecting with her in order to dissolve root fears and limiting beliefs about the safety of your biological being. Feel and sense, as you anchor your light into the Earth core, that you are physically safe, nurtured and protected.

Feel the Earth respond to you as you anchor your consciousness within the Earth core through your light. Allow the Earth to signal to you a response. Perhaps the Earth sends light up the cord to the soles of your feet. Register what the colour of this light is.

As you focus once more on your pillar of light encasing your body, simultaneously radiate from your heart and solar plexus light from your pillar which forms a sheet two feet in front of you extending beneath your feet and above your head. Visualize and sense this sheet of liquid light radiating back to you.

Allow your sheet of light to fold around your body in a cylindrical shape. Organically radiate light out from the cylinder to form a bottom platform beneath your feet. As the bottom platform of light forms through your intention, allow the light from beneath your feet to radiate upwards toward your head.

Perhaps you take a moment now to call in the vibrations of your intentions for an uplifting and empowered existence to inhabit your cylinder of light around your body.

Move your attention to the top of the cylinder and organically radiate out light from the existing structure which forms the top lid or container. Feel and sense the light from the top radiate down through your body toward your feet. Feel yourself completely contained within a cylinder of light.

Perhaps now you intend to fortify your structure by visualizing a crystal jug with light from the highest source you can receive, lovingly pouring down light onto your cylinder. Note that you are both anchored to the Earth and supported by Cosmic Light.

As you close your exercise, feel your energetic field purified and fortified. Allow the chaos of the external world to remain at the boundaries of your cylinder which is your internal peace and protection, and contains within it the energy of the highest intentions you hold for yourself and your experience. Intend to create very clear boundaries, welcoming in your cylinder only the most beneficial energies – only that which is congruent with an organic divine template for humanity.

Throughout the course of the day, energize your cylinder by seeing in your mind’s eye a miniature version of yourself surrounded by and fully encased in your light protection.

World Without Money: Ubuntu Contributionism

When you start wrapping your head around a world without money, it doesn’t take long before you realize it only takes one example – one moneyless contributionist society – whether it is a tiny village in Mongolia, or a tiny village in the UK or in Germany, it doesn’t matter. That one little village, if it is allowed to continue doing what it is doing without military intervention or government draconian control, that will be the first domino effect – the first domino that falls. It will create a global domino effect virtually immediately. It is impossible to operate a capitalistic structure within or anywhere near a contributionist community. It cannot exist because there is so much abundance that is created by people in a society without money in which everything  is created for the benefit of everyone else. From food, to engineering, to building bridges, to town structures, to making shoes, to farming – and millions of other things people won’t do today because it is not financially viable. All these millions of things will now be happening in a moneyless society. So the net result of that is immediate abundance on all levels. This is what we will see when people are let loose from the enslavement of money.

Ubuntu Contributionism is the spearhead of imposing resonance with harmony and all of creation so that we can live in absolute harmony with our planet, and with our fellow human beings, and break down those structures that have been forcing us to live in dissonance.

Global Policies: An Updated Cosmology


As we move to ‘spiritualize’ our global systems of governance – bringing them into progressively greater alignment with Unity Consciousness and Heart-Centred Awareness in the Ascension Cycle, clarity is needed to sift out three key aspects applicable to most major global policy areas:

  • The “Technical” – codes, practices, the “on the face of it facts” pertaining to a policy area, the assumed reality. E.g. economistic understandings of the global monetary system in which terms such as “debt” “credit” “risk” “currency” are understood as Absolute Reality
  • The Critique of the Technical – critical academia and critical politics e.g. “Occupy Wall Street” – assumption challenging
  • A New/Updated Cosmology – recognizing the illusion of “The Technical” and the limits of the “Critique of the Technical” without the introduction to this critique of an updated Cosmology which sees reality fundamentally within the terms of ENERGY/CONSCIOUSNESS.

In my own work I have needed to have a good grasp of the technical aspects of the ‘financialization’ of capitalism – the iteration of capitalism presently enslaving the planet at this time. I have focused on understanding what is known as ‘speculative capital’ and its relationship to ‘risk’ (e.g. derivatives). I understand Bloomberg, I understand the Financial Times and the foundation technical terms upon which “we all agree” that govern the functioning of the monetary system as part of our shared global experience.

In academia I, as were many of us globally across various disciplines, was educated to understand global power structures concerning money – how individuals and nations find themselves enslaved by debt, the macropolitics of debt and ‘capital flight’ from the ‘Global South’; we were trained to develop critical perspectives on ‘capital flows’ creating global asymmetry, and neoliberalism’s creation of scarcity. All very good. And useful. (Blame neoliberalism!)

Except this is all incomplete information.

While it is good to be sensitive to global power structures and the role of money within that, in this new cycle of humanity’s evolution, ‘criticality’ must be grounded within an understanding of the role of energy and consciousness. For the hard nosed ‘materialists’ who believe in the Reality of the banking and finance system, the truth that this system is no more real than the Monopoly board game sitting in the family room will be a difficult pill to swallow. (Try taking Monopoly money to the supermarket and report back).

To those in critical academia and politically aware folk who intuitively realize something is fundamentally wrong with the global oppression orchestrated by those controlling the monetary system, the challenge is to go one step further: to combine this awareness with a commitment to the ENERGETIC work required to change and eventually discard this system in its entirety. This requires coming out of materialist paradigms to see the invisible.

With a new cosmology based on the reality of energy and consciousness the following therefore becomes absolutely relevant: living from the heart space, bringing the energy of the heart into planetary politics and policies.

‘Heart’ is perhaps less of an ’emotion’ in the way we have been conditioned to understand and experience emotional states. ‘Heart’ instead is opening the vibrational door to freedom. It is refusal to operate within narrow informational bands of fear (bondage). An activated heart therefore goes hand in hand with with expanded awareness. An activated heart is expanded awareness.

As we ground our light bodies into the third dimension and see what was formerly invisible beyond the frequency fence to which we have been held captive, as we come into our empowerment and change the laws of physics, consciously creating a new energetic blueprint, as we activate our DNA and harness talents of manifestation that were thought to be non-existent, instead of money, we learn to work with consciousness and energy to create what we need. ‘Magic’ is the LAW of Spirit/Consciousness and ceases to be ‘magic’ when we fully understand how to work with the energies at our disposal.

In the meantime, since we are not yet at this point collectively, but in the process of moving there, we need to begin the preliminary energetic work. Injecting heart into our policies, RECOGNIZING the illusory nature and complete falsity of many systems presently operating (money is perhaps the biggest system, but there are others). Know that this ACT of recognition is the calling back of your power to you, has a definite energetic blueprint, and makes a dent in the collective consciousness.

And consciousness is all there is.









The Global Monetary System


I take back my energy, restoring it to my Sovereign Divine Self, from control by the global monetary system.

Even though I use money, I do not buy into the falsity of money as a human ‘necessity’ which renders it the order of the day that the many suffer and are disenfranchised by the machinations of the few controlling the global monetary/financial system. I do not buy into this system of patriarchal control at the level of my consciousness. I recognize this system and oligarchical control of Earth’s resources as FALSE and ILLEGITIMATE.

I take back my energy from materialistic consumption supplying false power and unconsciousness.

I align with my Sovereign Divine Self which cannot be programmed or controlled.