On Starseeds


An associate recently emailed requesting that I offer my thoughts on starseeds. When we are called to be of service by sharing this type of information, I think it is important to do our very best to share it in a way which is compassionate, neutral and inclusive. I share my email response below.

1. Generally, we all can be said to be ‘starseeds’ as we recognize and honour the star origins/heritage of Earth humanity. There is the genetic input of our ancestors, those who have contributed their genetics to the human species. We all carry this in our DNA matrix. So we carry the seeds of our Pleiadian and Sirian family, among others. There’s that overarching context.

2. In the ascension context, or in the context in which we have agreed to activate the timeline of higher consciousness on the planet, starseeds refer to beings who have experienced life in other dimensions, other parts of the universe, other star systems, in addition to also having experience in embodiment on Earth. Starseeds come with a coding or a blueprint to participate in the dawning of higher consciousness on the planet, so there is a direct humanitarian mission. In the life experience there is a time when starseeds become ‘activated’ – meaning that there is an awakening to one’s multidimensionality and a remembrance/knowing of a far more expanded earth/galactic history. In my experience, once one has come ‘online’ there is no going back. In many instances starseeds are carrying an advanced genetic blueprint, or they have agreed to be holders of light frequency. They come ‘online’ as they consciously participate with their higher selves, and ground their lightbodies into the physical 3D/4D Earth dimensional matrix. I should point out that sometimes people think of starseeds as ‘coming from’ a particular star system. That is slightly misleading in my view, as we are all consciousness energy, and we are not defined by ‘coming from’ a place as much as we might have experience there. We are all offshoots of Creative Source/Prime Creator, and thus, we are pure consciousness first, and Pleaidian later.

3. Many starseeds have undergone periods/lifetimes of acclimatizing to Earth, so there has been an agreement to participate with Earth in Earth’s cycles of evolutionary time. Some of these lifetimes are thought of as ‘preparation’ for the current time, so it can be said that this particular lifetime, those starseeds who are embodied now, are not really here to learn new information, but to really reawaken what is within and to contribute to the planetary collective the information and knowledge held within their akash. Earth now becomes more of a place of service rather than of learning. Indeed we become much more directly involved in seeing the self/personal identity in terms of the service we are here to offer. This does not mean however that there is an absence of learning while we reawaken to the truth of our multi/inter-dimensional and galactic identities. There often has to be a period of ‘reawakening’ which can be thought of as a period of ‘learning’, because we learn to drop and release old obsolete modalities and to claim whatever way in which we are called to be of service. For example, a modality that has to be released is the hiding of information that would have had to be kept secret from a low consciousness humanity. Those who were in the mystery schools and those who were the keepers of coded information are now called to release the information and to overcome the energy of fear (of persecution) which is often held within the cellular memory. So the ways in which starseeds are called to serve often have not only a healing effect on others, but have a healing effect on their individual personality matrix.

4. One could say there are different ‘categories’ in terms of the number of times starseeds have had embodiments on Earth. Some starseeds have been here from the beginning of humanity and of the planet. So in that way these starseeds are tied up with the long-term evolution of humanity, and can be thought of as the keepers and guardians of the Earth. Some starseeds have had fewer embodiments in 3D Earth.

5. Fundamentally the starseed mission is to serve the planet and serve humanity; to serve others with what it is they know, and the frequency that they carry. There is very often an interest in the healing modalities: e.g. channelling, astrology, numerology, the teaching of spiritual/consciousness knowledge, energy work, etc. Other more ‘specialized’ interests or activities might include reconnecting with light language and rehabilitating planetary mass consciousness fields. These interests are often ‘carry-overs’ from other timelines/lifetimes in terms of the way in which they reflect how we would have functioned or what we might have been involved with.


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