Astrological Alignments for October 2014 in the Ascension Context

astro energies october

For complete context please refer to Metatron message via James Tyberonn at Earth Keeper.

At this time, all astrological energies are amplified. Conventionally understood astrological energies are being radically altered through cosmic influences that are beyond the realm of the planetary. Eclipses are in effect total, and these are further amplified with the solar radiation from the coronal mass ejections. There is a mega triad of energies between the Equinox in September, and the lunar and solar eclipses – when a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse occur within close proximity of a solstice or equinox, the energies are synthesized and amplified. (Think conjunction aspect).

Eclipses are apertures in dimensional veils, and a time in which consciousness codes are received – a gateway. The same applies to lunar and solar eclipses, but in a different way.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra, October 4 – 25

  • Occurring in Libra, relationships are emphasized. This retrograde of Mercury encompasses redefining relationships with partners, friends, and loved ones, as well as the self
  • Though communication is normally clouded during Mercury retrogrades, there is a rare and specific ‘homeopathic’ element to this retrograde of Mercury in which clarity of obstacles in relationships, both to others and self may be seen clearly
  • Taking clear review and decisive action to heal any areas of dysfunction in your close partnerships is emphasized from late September through to the tandem eclipses, and is focal in the retrograde. It allows for unusual clearings if approached in wisdom.

Full Moon in Aries Lunar Eclipse – October 8

This full moon amplifies the Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn. It is maximally utilized for prayerful intent in co-creatorship.

 New Moon in Scorpio Mega Solar Eclipse (conjunct Venus) – October 23 

  • Emphasizes issues of responsibility and of enacting clarity around spiritual values
  • Recalibration of belief system programs
  • Powerful time to renew negative attitudes that may have been hidden and are hindering relationships.

Continuing Uranus/Pluto Square, Saturn/Pluto Mutual Reception

Revolutionary independence (e.g. Scotland), individual freedom, individual awakening (Uranus in Aries) combined with the energies of Pluto in Capricorn directed at tearing down old political/governmental structures (Capricorn); devolution. Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio continue in mutual reception – Saturn in Scorpio continues to carry the energy of bringing to the surface that which is hidden (Scorpio) especially in relation to Capricornian structures.

Continuing Neptune in Pisces Influence 

Very amplified spiritual awakening. ‘Double-edged sword’ as this really amplifies the other end of the spectrum of the Neptunian influence – illusion. We are called upon to really use our sense of discernment.


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